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Saturday, July 3, 2010


off to london!

what a brilliantly awesome city.  I love it there.  its an adventure.  and there is SO much to do...so you get pretty tired.

the first day we went to the parliament, big ben, buckingham palace, and the london eye.

I've seen all these things before but they continue to be amazing and beautiful.  its an exciting place to be.  today's picture comes from the eye.  I love the eye.  its a great idea and a great way to see the city.  as we were waiting in line there was a plaque with a poem on it and when you looked up you could see the eye.  the thing I like about this picture is that I was looking through a window to see the eye and it was a dirty window, so the eye looks like a drawing.

eye spy.

 love it love it love it.

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  1. me too. love it, i mean.
    ps. i'm going back and commenting on all these pictures i've ALREADY looked at it, just for you.

    but it's not a hardship, because these are all cool pictures.