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Monday, July 26, 2010

day 56.

today was about celebrating life.  celebrating the movement, the love, the small moments.

today was about not taking any of your days for granted and for loving the ones that you have.

every picture I took today reflected those thoughts.  all the pictures featured as runner-ups show life to the full.  the one I chose for today is special.  its a reflection of how all I could think about today was how much I love my family and appreciate every relationship in my life.  there's something about how God carefully places people in our lives that is so special.  I have two friends who dig each other immensly, they are wonderful shiny beams of light and they asked me to take pictures of them today.


they turned out so well.  only a few were in focus and steady and as beautiful as I wanted them to be.  its really hard not to use flash by moonlight!  but I'm proud of this one.  it has a brophy-esque (www.onenineimages.com) quality and it makes me think I could really do this on the side if I wanted to.

shed a little light.

thanks for the caption, foy.  thanks for modeling, toni and tim.  and no, they aren't engaged.

this blog is for you uncle mark.  I love you, thanks for being a hilarious uncle and thanks for showing me how precious life is.  go rest with God.

I won't be posting for a while, I'll be in michigan til sunday and I don't plan on bringing my laptop.  michigan is my safe haven and my happy place...I need to escape there and just be.

see you later!


  1. i really like how the bright light and corner of whatever that is attracts your eye first and you have to kind of search for the subject. very cool shot. if i were in it, i'd frame it.

  2. You could definitely do this. On the side to start, but I imagine, you'll do well and do more.