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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

thirty days!

this was an extraordinary day!

we explored edinburgh, scotland!  one of the COOLEST cities I've ever been to...and like my blog featuring edinburgh said before, so many layers!

but this day we got to really explore the most fascinating parts of the city.  we went to the castle, which was phenomenal and historical and brilliant.  and I also went on a personal endeavor as katie is very claustrophobic and somewhat tall.

there was a tower in the middle of the city dedicated to sir walter scott.  it was gothic and creepy and awesome.  and inside it there was an extremely tiny and twisty, spiral staircase.  now, I've climbed 600 stairs up to the top of st. peter's basilica in rome...this was another story.  this was made for four year old children.  it was SO cramped and tiny.  even if it was a measly 200 stairs, it seemed like an eternity to get up there.

but at the bottom there was a statue of the man himself.  and the tower rose around him.  it was kind of morbid, actually.  but I loved it.  and I love pictures that aren't exactly perfect, off-center, different perspective.  so this is probably the first in the trip album of 365 that is being posted for its artistic nature, and not the fact that its gorgeous scenery or something.

I like that just looking at it you can't tell where it's at or what it is.

behind the scenes.

I like it.  I have some weird fascination with the back of statues ever since I saw "the david".  mind the perverse comments, please.  it's ART.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


and we continue...

this is gonna seem excessive posting all this, but I was in another country(ies) people!  and I was enjoying myself and did NOT feel like taking a timeout to blog...so I edited my butt off...so they would be ready for blogging.

day twenty-nine was my favorite.  the entire trip.

as they say in moulin rouge..."spectacular! spectacular!"

we got on the steam train in fort william.  and by steam train, I mean the steam train that they used in filming scenes on the train in harry potter.  and not only that, but the train journey itself was used in the movie.  you know that part in "chamber of secrets" when harry and ron are in the flying ford anglia?  yeah, I was there.

forget the nerdiness of it all...it was, without a doubt, the most STUNNING scenery I have ever seen in my life.  I cried just looking at it.  anytime we were driving, training, or whatever in the highlands...it was breathtaking.

this picture doesn't capture it at all.  I'm sorry, but I'm not THAT good.  God is, though.  really good.  cause I was baffled at the beauty.  hopefully, this gives you a taste, and you'll crave to get a little bite yourself and visit the scottish highlands.  seriously, GO.  drop everything.

beyond measure.


the caption came to mind from a verse.  this is what I was feeling for God that day:

ephesians 3:20-21 "now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! amen."

most of my pictures had a glare from the window that I had to edit around...until I figured out that there was a tiny window at the top that you could open to the world...so on the way back I got much clearer pictures.

we stopped in a little fishing village called mallaig, scotland at the end of the steam train...I was able to get some good runner-ups!  it was perfect weather.  just a wonderful day that I'll never ever forget.

Monday, June 28, 2010

day twenty-eight.

this was our first full day in fort william scotland.

except we weren't exactly in fort william. we were in roy bridge, which is twenty minutes outside. so we didn't feel like going into fort william that day and wanted something to do nearby. we asked the hotel owner what he thought we should do. he told us about a trail just down the "footpath" that lead to a great view of the mountains.

it was quite a hike for us...in our FLIP FLOPS...but it was worth it.

this is what we saw just coming up the hill before we found a more clear opening...

the hills are alive.

I know its cheesy but that's the song that entered into my head when I saw that.  maria was a' spinnin' and singin' as I viewed God's wondrous creation.

a lot of these next ones will be scenery...but who's complaining?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

day twenty-seven.

holler at yer boy.

I'm on a roll right now.  we are currently waiting for our itunes movie to download and this is our first freedom with the internet since the trip began.  so lucky you!

the second day we landed in scotland.  three words: o.m.g.

scotland is without a doubt the most beautiful scenery I have ever layed my eyes on.  you'll see more of it later, I promise.

the day we arrived in edinburgh we were not prepared for what we would see.  I think we had low expectations, not thinking it would be superb...but it was beyond that.

a whole new world.

I'm glad to have katie here to help me pick photos...I have taken welllll over a thousand photos.  seriously.  rounding about 200-400 per day.

anyways, this picture really really captures edinburgh.  its tons of layers.  there's so much going on.  and the buildings are intricately and beautifully made.  its beyond amazing.  we love it and are currently missing it.

stay tuned for more uk adventures!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

day twenty-six.

dude, we're in europe.

katie and I are having a fabulous time in the most gorgeous place either of us has ever seen.

but we had to get here first.  by plane, train, and automobile.  we had a very long first day of travel.  we left at 3 a.m. (thank you megan and t) and flew to toronto.  following that we had a 12 HOUR layover.  that's right, twelve hours.  so what do you do in an airport for that length of time?

take pictures.

also, we ate and watched the world cup.

so, without further ado, the first leg of our trip...



pretty nice, if I say so myself.  maybe you'll get to see more soon:)

Friday, June 25, 2010

two five.

last one for a while guys.

I'm taking my laptop on my journey, but I doubt posting this blog will be my top priority.  I'll be backing up my pictures and emailing the family.

super boring day, work then train then finishing up here with katie...and STILL not done.  at least katie isn't...

so I ended up walking around katie's apartment to try and find inspiration...and with experimental camera settings...it came!  in fact, today had the rarity of four runner-up photos!

what a spectacle.

I wish I could get in that bed and sleep.  ugh.  tomorrow will be a long day, prayers are appreciated.  au revoir!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

day twenty-four.

what an illinosey day.

fields and birds and tractors, oh my!

second to last day in the states...get. ready.  except, don't get too ready because you won't see my pictures for almost three weeks.  sorry.

today I saw a whole lot of nothin'.  so I just took pictures and hoped for the best.  today's winner is allll about feelin' the illinoise.  lookie here, fall is just around the corner...

cream of the crop.



 there ye be!  almost done packing!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

twenty-third day.

thanks to summer weather, today has been good for photos!

I got some cool rain pictures tonight while I was at chili's...yet they didn't produce the winner.  the winner was a result of being in a lockdown mode at chili's during the storm.  the winner is a sweet action shot of my friend tom.  tom works as a bartender at chili's...tom the barman - just like harry potter!  geek, I know.

anyways he was kind enough to pause in his drink-making to give some time to change my camera settings.  and this was the result!  the caption simultaneously reveals the highlight of the photo and the weather of the day:)


voila!  I like it.

back to packing!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


a rainy day makes for good pictures.  pictures of everything looking lush and vibrant.  its like the rain cleans everything up.

I did get a runner-up with some puddle action.  but later tonight I went to toni's and found inspiration in her backyard.  toni lives right by the train tracks, which is sort of lustful for me in the event of taking pictures.  I love the dirty oldness of a train track.  oldness is SO a word.

but today I found something lovely in the muck and weeds that were growing in the tracks.  speaking of muck, I probably sat there for about five/ten minutes snapping away before realizing there was a rotting rabbit carcass right next to me.  so that was AWESOME.  I had the squeemies all the way back to the house.

but not before I got this little guy.  I'm naming it after one of my favorite books.  mainly because I'm not feeling too creative at the moment and secondly because I think it suits this photo well.

catching fire.

MAN, I just love how the sun is ONLY on that little fuzzball.  doesn't it look like fire???  I have no idea what it is, I think moss.  but its so cool to me.  I had some really good runner-ups, it took me a while to choose today.  but this one stood out.

three days til ireland!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

the twenty-first day.

today after work I had to run errands to get stuff for the trip.

so I first went to the mall, then to target, then to barnes.

barnes and noble is my safe haven, my happy place, my wonderland.  I get happy just walking in there.  and it can pretty much be guaranteed that I'll be walking out with a book.

books.  mmmmm.  they're the best.

I walked right back to my favorite section.  the little magical area for children.  its so stinking cute back there and I love all the young reader books...the giver, harry potter, a wrinkle in time, bridge to terabithia...the good stuff.

so here is a shot of my happiness.  I like the colors and prints that stand out here.

booked solid.

I don't even know what that "children" book is but I wanna read it.  it's beautiful.

see you tomorrow!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


wow, twenty days already!

I did a whole lot of NOTHING today, I needed to, too busy lately.

so I did go to toy story 3 with toni and maria - SO GOOD - go see it!  and on the way there and back, I found a chance to snap some pictures.

we went out to toni's parents' farm and hung out a little while.  and I got to shoot my first moving lights picture.  really excited:)

flashing lights.




thank you person who drove by!  beautiful summer nights create inspiring moments.  ok, off to BED.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

june nineteen.

today my friend got married.

my dear little roley whom I've loved and danced with since I was a puny little seventh grader.

today my picture had to be all about her.  just her.  she was gorgeous today, perfect hair.  and as little tinsley put it, "she's a princess".

the best part about this picture today is that I'll remember standing outside with her and shelley, and I'll remember what we were talking about, and what she was doing, and its such a roley moment that its just hilarious to me how beautiful this picture turned out.

but that's sarah, hilarious and beautiful.

here she be.

down to the details.


even sarah, a laid back bride, carefully selected every piece of her look that day...and it all meant something great.

such a fun, lovely, and blessed wedding - congrats mrs. zimmerman!

Friday, June 18, 2010

day eighteen.

so day eighteen was a little adventure.

I had time that day to go somewhere I have wanted to go for a while.  there's a cemetary I pass all the time that I think is beautiful.  there's something simultaneously peaceful, meaningful, and let's face it...creepy about cemetaries.  so I just did a loop around the drive and found a really cool area with stairs leading up to some statues of angels and saints.

she was just so lovely...

set in stone.


how sweet is she?  just thinking about her future and pondering her past.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

day seventeen.

getting up there in the numbers!

sorry for the delay, its been long day after long day...and that includes getting home so late that all I can do is pass out in bed.

the past two days were harder, not a lot going on.  not the best pictures out of the 365 but I like them.

this day we celebrated the finality of roley's singlehood - texas roadhouse style.  quite an eventful night, but on the way into the restaurant I saw the outdoor lamp and it looked interesting.

I guess I've been liking pictures of lights lately.

goodnight and glow.

posting one more then hitting the sack.  I can't keep doing these late nights!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

day sixteen.

in ten days this blog will be featuring SCOTLAND.  so there's THAT.

in other news, I'm exhausted...so all you're getting today is a caption and a picture.

today was perfect, a nearly flawless chicago day.  so many good things.  and I think this picture sums up my love of the day.  the only thing missing is a billy elliot poster.

this caption is for you, miss weinstein.  let's hope you "get it".

shiny toy.

 the city swept me clean off my feet today:)

nighty night.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

day fifteen.

a busy day, but a good one.  lots of opportunities since I traveled to chicago today.  tomorrow will be even better because I'll be walking around the city.  but today, I took the train...which, to me, is always visually stimulating.  so, I found a little friend there.  she was so gussied up and adorable in the rain, I had to go for it.  so I asked her mom, don't worry, I don't just take pictures of children without consent.

made for walkin'.

I just love her little chunk legs and her coordinating outfit.  and the people in the back waiting for the train is a nice backdrop.  she was waiting for her dad, I saw the reunion...she ran so hard that one of her wellies fell off!  I don't know her name so I hope her mom checks the blog so I can find out.  thanks for being my little model!

Monday, June 14, 2010

day fourteen.

today was super uneventful.  I sat in my office all day and it was utterly boring.  I had to go out into the world and find something to shoot.  the great thing is that I finally figured out how to change my manual settings!  so I did.  I messed around until I saw what I liked.  I decided to drive downtown and hit up the dq to see all the action going on down there.  thriving metropolis.

I'm glad I parked where I did and walked the route I did...as I turned the corner, I saw an interesting perspective.  I really like how it turned out.  I like the lights and the colors.  enjoy!

through the looking glass.



 well, I like it.  and I think I see a person!  lots to find in this one.  ok, back to monk!  see you tomorrow:)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

day thirteen.

today was recital.  a long long day full of dance.  I tried to take different pictures of different parts of the dances tonight, so that I wouldn't have a ton of repeats.

there was a dance I didn't take any pictures of last week.  probably because I was a whole lot more frazzled during rehearsal.  two of the best dancers we have just happen to be sisters.  they are lovely, crazy girls and they are super talented.

hannah and lily are wonderful dancers, and this is lily's senior year.  they did a dance together that was so pretty. I caught them in the air with this picture, and I just think its gorgeous and captures their awesome talent and their sweet sisterhood.

leap of faith.

yeah, I know.  it nearly made my jaw drop.

thank you to all my dancers.  thank you to all my friends who came to watch.  and thank you to miss laurie, for making it all happen, year after year.

until next time...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

day twelve.

today my inspiration came from God.

things He's created.  things He does.  today, He had a little fun...crazy storm that only lasted for an hour or two.  but the aftermath.... gorgeous.


I love the sky after a storm, its incredible.  my runner-up photos are great as well, including some precious kids and an awesome tree.  upload them later, I'm beat.

Friday, June 11, 2010

day eleven.

here we go again.

today, I saw some opportunity.

I went over to easter seals and saw a buzzy little friend, I got one of him before he tried to sting me.  I left in a healthy condition and found a winner.  its very similiar to yesterday's in the sense that it has a flower in it...but its too dang good not to post.  the runner-ups were good too.


I like it so much.  I promise I'll upload the runner-ups soon.  bring on the magic of summer!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

tenth day.

I'm hoping this isn't getting boring or something because I haven't gotten a comment in like four days.

soooo, a little encouragement never hurts people.  anyone alive out there?

today, I went to mossville for an appointment, out by the river with lots of nature.  my camera was dying but I shot fast and focused and when I got back to edit, I fell in love with this fuzzy nugget.

white open spaces.

good to go.

tomorrow is turkey fest.  sunday is recital.  expect some good pictures:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

day nine.

holy man.

they don't call it a challenge for nothin'.

its like pulling teeth right now.  life interferes.  motivation leaves.  inspiration doesn't exist.  so I have to make it happen.

I went to dance tonight and it was our last lesson of the year.  my favorite girl, vanessa, is a senior.  it sucks, she's my little star and I love her.  I'll miss her so so much next year.  so I wanted to highlight her today and her tremendous talent and passion.

I asked her to jump...and she didn't have to say "how high?"


mirror mirror.

she's a special dancer, I'll miss watching her.

hopefully tomorrow's not as tough, and I mean that in more ways than one.  oy.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

day eight.

this is actually getting to be super challenging.

I live in morton, what is there to take pictures of???

so today, I had to make an effort, a real effort.

I went to a meeting today to a family's house, they live in the country.  something out of the ordinary caught my eye.  and it gave me my shot of the day.

fish outta water.

I like the colors.  I like the contrast.  I like the rusty hunk of metal just laying in the forest.  

bring on tomorrow...another day, another challenge.

Monday, June 7, 2010

day seven.

just when I think the challenge is impossible for the day...I stumble across a thousand opportunities.

I was in morton today and stopped at my alma mater to take pictures and actually found a runner-up there.  it felt weird being there...everything was so...small.

I went to lake camelot today for a meeting for the sweetest little boy.  so I snapped some of him and of the lake.  double whammy.

so that produced some good ones, but not the winner.

then I spent some time at the lovely kirk home, cooking with kristy and taking pictures of her gorgeous child...and the winner was clear, the second after the shutter closed.

sugar and spice.


she is a spectacular little person.  love her.  I'm so happy to have captured her TRUE personality.  summed up right here.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

day six.

I swear, if I lived in chicago, this thing wouldn't be a "challenge" at all.

today I went to the big city to celebrate my little sister's 24th birthday.  rode up with mom and grammy to grab some lunch with karen and john.

we went to a little place near john's apartment in wrigleyville, a deli that also doubles as a small gourmet grocery store.  and I got to see my kirks there!!!

and so I present my first food-related picture.  it was a delicious cuban sandwich, but this picture captures the table and what just happens to be my favorite part of chicago...eating.

food for thought.

tasty shot, eh?  it single-handedly captures my love for this city.  not to mention, it filled my belly in a most satisfying way.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

day five.

so, my entire day today was spent at dance rehearsal...so today's winner and runner-ups are all dance related...but since when is that a bad thing?

we had a great rehearsal and it went smooth and best of all FAST.  I was a little nervous using my new camera because I wanted to get just the right settings.  turns out live mode and sports worked really well.

our winner features miss emma baker.  she is the epitome of drama, performance, and talent.  I think I captured her pretty well...

black out.


emma is also featured in two of the runner-up pictures.  she is fabulous and unbelievably talented for only being a freshman.  I love this picture and her so much.

oh and by the way...I'll most likely be delayed in posting runner-up pictures...considering I took 500 pictures today.

Friday, June 4, 2010

june FOURTH.

I swear, the demands put on me are ENDLESS.  the project is to TAKE a picture every day...which I did.  just because I don't post it on that day doesn't mean I'm failing.  goodness.  God forbid I have a life.

well, on day four I had a lot of luck.

I had a break during work so I went to a place I've been dying to photograph for a while.  the scottish rite cathedral in downtown peoria.  it is SO cool, flying buttresses, browns and greens, and glory.  unfortunately, the picture of the day was NOT from that session.  but it did supply two runner-ups.

last night I went to a concert at a church and then back to the cherry festival...this time at night with people.    they had a fireworks display:)  it took me a while to find the right setting, but I'm too proud of this action for it to not be the winner.

boom pow.


there are just so many cool things going on here!  smoke, lights, shadows...so exciting:)  the runner-ups are really awesome too so I'll post those later on facebook.

just so you know, I got up early to post this.

wow, and I just noticed that I took this on june 4, not july 4...and its fireworks.  that's hilarious, especially since I won't be doing anything particularly patriotic that day.  I don't know...is taking a train from cheltenham to london patriotic?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

day trois!

today was more of an actual challenge...I didn't drive by anything that sparked my interest, I didn't happenstance upon something inspiring.  so I had to physically make myself get out there and just shoot whatever looked semi-interesting.  and by "out there" I mean, the back lot of my office and the playground at jefferson.  but, I keep surprising myself.  when I get back to my house, put them on my computer, and start editing...I'm really seeing some good work on my part.

en garde.

let me tell you why I love this.  the sidewalk and the grass literally look like smeared paint.  and there is just a faintest bit of focus in the fence.  booyah.  pride.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

day two.

well, today was horrible.  I had a ton of meetings and some of which involved annoyances.  ridiculous construction traffic.  rushing from one thing to the next.  I never thought I would find an opportunity to get my photo today.

but as I was driving through washington, I saw the set-up for the cherry festival starting this evening.  so I ate a quick lunch and booked it over to park at the tractor supply.  a deserted, fully constructed fairgrounds.  as I was approaching the grounds, I passed a couple of carnies in a motorized cart...

"can I help you?"
"can I take some pictures?"
"sure, do whatever you want!"

how sweet, carnies!  so I did.  I walked around, all on my lonesome, and snapped and snapped and snapped.  at one point, I changed the settings to manual...and not yet familiar with what the settings mean, I  just aimed and shot it with what was left there from the last time I fiddled.  it must have been on crazy high exposure settings, cause I came out with something white.  but when I came home and messed around with editing, I found a gem.

funnel vision.

crazy, huh?  I also took some out at farm near one of my appointments...so some of the leftovers are posted on facebook, cause I liked them so much. but this one topped out I think, it was the most interesting and crazy to me.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

day one.

here I go, embarking on a yearlong journey of epic proportions.

its hard to take pictures of interesting things when your day is far from interesting.  what did I do today?  I went to work, I went to gold's, and now I'm at home for a few hours before tap class.  super exciting, huh? but I did make a trip over to one world, the most glorious eatery in the heart of illinois.  I ordered the cuban pork sandwich with chipotle bbq mayo, delicious.  but I didn't head back to the office without getting my first shot.

over the moon.

not bad for day one, i think.

i really like it.