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Saturday, July 31, 2010


last day in michigan.  so what better to do than shop!

we got some deals and steals.  but it was kinda rainy and icky so we were inside a lot.  the best place we went was this great little art gallery.  we were looking around and I just loved a lot of the prints.  I went raving about one and the girl working there started talking about it and doing so in the first person.  it was her mom's gallery and her artwork I was admiring!  it was so cool, she was super young and fresh out of art school.  her work was soooo interesting and visually popped.  I loved this one she did about fishtown but she didn't have any prints left so I'll have to pursue that.  anyways, she had painted something outside on an easel and it was such pretty colors and her materials were still out there in the rain.  it was gorgeous.

so, of course...

work in progress.

amazing, right?  she just really knows how to work it.  check her out, her name is kindra: http://artofkin.blogspot.com

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