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Friday, July 30, 2010


this was my favorite day.

we went vineyard hopping and I had the best wine of my life.  plus, gorgeous.

but the best part was stopping in leland, michigan aka historic fishtown.  oh. my. word.  totally reminded me of mallaig, scotland.  but it was different.  because it was in michigan.  there was a great view of the marina and they had the BEST shops.  so cute.  there was a great one called 'tack and jibe' that I fell in love with.  we were lucky enough to walk by some fisherman just putting up their fresh catch.  they put them on a post so that, I'm guessing, the "stuff" drips off.  but who knows, maybe someone can inform me.  but I was enthralled.  it was gross and bloody and fishy but MAN oh man did it catch me visually.  ha!  "catch".

it was so pretty, in a twisted way.  this one turned out so great.  I love how the details were all caught.  look at that drip!  thanks slr!

just reeled in.

fishies!  dead ones!  I might have to frame this.  man, I'm running out nonexistent wall space.

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  1. I don't care for this. But take no offense, it's just bc I hate fish...dead or alive. sarah zzi