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Sunday, July 11, 2010

day 41.

gettin' up there in the days.

we had to leave galway and make our way to dublin.

nothing exciting happened that day.  we traveled the majority of the day and then stayed in our hotel.  so for the first time on the trip I had to make an effort.  so I walked around the hotel and took some pictures.  this little winner was obviously at the bar.  I just thought it was so cool how they had their booze displayed.  it looked like art.  actually, I'm not even sure if it was functional.


I like the editing I did, so yay me!

this blogging all-in-a-row stuff is super tiring.


  1. i kind of like this for above my sink.

  2. michael clair? knows kristi yarcho? what a small world...how does this work?