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Sunday, July 18, 2010


last one and then I am CAUGHT UP.

what a freakin' relief!

I'm quite tired of doing four of these a night.

today I had the great pleasure of going to church after like five weeks of absence.  I love my church.  its community, its love, and its God.  all those things in one building can only be good.  today charlie talked about our future plans and where we are as a church.  it was great.  I guess it must have rained a little because there were some puddles outside.  all the cute little girls in their church dresses were dancing and running through the puddles.  it made me happy.  set the camera to action mode and snapped away.  I am in LOVE with this picture.  I love it so much.  definitely printing it for my wall.  whenever I get a bigger place, with more walls.

puddle prance.

I love her precious little polka dots and ballet flats.  and I just noticed that she's in midair!  that is freaking sweet.  go me!

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  1. I love this picture! I also like your new format...very cute.