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Saturday, July 24, 2010


today I spent most of the day inside, backing up my computer.

mom and I went out to a movie.  I'll admit, I was lazy.  I didn't take the camera out of my purse til I got home.  when we got out of the movie it was raining and I didn't want to go out in the rain.  I took some pictures on the porch and messed around but none of them were all that great.

so then I came inside.  again.  I wish I wasn't so tired and trying to get household tasks done all the time.  otherwise I might have something interesting for you to look at.  I realize that this blog is supposed to reflect my everyday life, but I don't wanna be boring!

but when I got home I was messing around in the closet, taking pictures of my clothes on the rack.  thrilling, I know.  but while I was in there I noticed something.  my old dolls and stuffed animals.  I'll admit, one is usually in my bed.  I like the feeling of hugging something when I'm sleeping.  I'm not the only person I know that does this *cough*.  anyways, it was interesting because mom and I had just gotten back from my second viewing of toy story 3.

by the way if you haven't seen that movie, WHAT are you waiting for????

I thought about the message of the movie and how precious childhood is.  I looked at those dolls and remembered how much they meant to me, no, mean to me.  they are a part of who I was as a child and they made it a more special time.  so I chose my favorite, sara.  she's not blessed with looks, let's put it that way.  she has dark black fuzz hair that's practically shaved off her cloth head.  she has a white, chubby, dirty body and a painted face.  but a sweet little old lady made her for me.  and she's in a little outfit that used to be my sister's.  and I love that doll.

so she was my model.  her chubby dirty self.  please don't mock.

friend in me.

my sister will most likely rip on me for this one, but that's ok.

I realize I need to be more proactive, or at least I'm telling myself that.  but this heat seriously makes me not want to do ANYTHING.  its disgusting out there.  so please, please, PLEASE comment, cause its encouraging and it keeps me going.  there are some days I just wanna NOT take a picture.  I know it seems like a simple thing to do every day, but its not.


  1. I love looking at your pictures, even the ones of a doll's foot :) Keep em' coming!

  2. the elusive tulip focus!