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Thursday, July 8, 2010

day 38.

I"m getting carpel tunnel from all this picture taking and blogging.  no lie.

here we go!

this was a spectacular, life-changing day.  we went to the aran islands.

its actually huge, it felt huge.  a very low population because its mostly farm land...oh, and cliffs.  splendiforous, humungous, gorgeous cliffs.  it felt like the ends of the earth.  it felt like God stretching out his arms thiiiiissss wide.  we had a great day.

we were dropped off by probably the third driver we had named patrick.  we had a couple hours to eat and climb up a twenty minute hike to a fortress and the cliffs.  I had the best tomato soup of my life before we finally headed out.

it was nothing but limestone (reminded me of climbing to the acropolis) and I was wearing flip flops.  so that was awesome.  I limped the rest of my trip, I jacked up my right foot.  it was worth. it.  once we got past the hike, there was a long stretch of flat rock and grass that led to the fortress and just beyond that, the cliffs.

this shot captures that first viewpoint, right before we got to the edge it stretched out long and green.  it was so pretty.

end in sight.

I love that that girl is standing there looking so small compared the vastness of the landscape.  its not capture-able but I did my best.


  1. Just wanted to tell you how much I love your perspective in all the photos you take!

  2. thanks, kim! that means a lot!