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Saturday, July 17, 2010

day forty-seven.

wow, this day went actually much better than I thought it would.  thanks to my lovely friend ali and her suggestion to go down to the car show.

good weather+cool old cars+oldies music=great time for pictures.

so I had a blast looking at all the cars, running into some people (nuggets!) and people watching.  the winner, of course, featured a car.  one of my favorites, with some great little details.  it just looks straight outta the fifties.  brilliant.  it actually reminded me of movies about the fifties and sixties, including one of my favorites "now and then".  man, I was obsessed with that movie, especially the soundtrack...speaking of...

hitchin' a ride.

such a great night.  thank you, friend.  it got me super excited for pumpkin fest pictures.  like, omg, so excited.  a 365 might just have to feature the pumpkin donut sundae, like why am I not eating that right now???  patience is a virtue.


  1. YAY! Fun night! Glad we could spend the evening together...glad my suggestion ended up being a good one!

  2. now and then is one of my absolute favorites, too. and i LOVED your international shots. beautiful, yarch. jealous of all your harry potter nerddom visits. :(