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Friday, July 23, 2010

day fifty-three.

sorry that I missed posting last night.  I had to trade in my camera because the autofocus stopped working when we were in england.  so I traded the camera and went on my way.  but after I had taken my pictures I tried to upload them to my computer and iphoto didn't even recognize that they were there!  I guess there was some hardware/software discorrolation, its common sometimes.  super annoying.

anyways, I downloaded the software that came with the camera and was able to get them on my computer. geez.  talk about a headache.

so another hot day made it challenging for me to even be interested in taking pictures.  I just wanna sit in air-conditioning all day and not move a muscle.  stupid summer heat.  so I took a lot of inside pictures.  I got to hang out with my little mexican, julia ghoulia!  we went over to chevy's and then hung out at barnes.  I had a great meal, steak tacos, and I really love the way the picture turned out.  it looks delicious and I love the, to use my top chef lingo, "presentation" of the dish.  yum.  I love food pictures!

fiesta fare.

looks delicious, huh?

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