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Sunday, July 4, 2010


historical monuments give me the chills.  they are splendid.

this day we went to stonehenge.  it was fabulous and old and like our bus driver said, "you're going all this way to see a pile of rocks".  sure am!

it was so great, and so cool.  we got to listen to audio guides and walk around and learn about the significance and purpose of the stones.  oh yes, they have purpose!  they can even tell us when the solstices are!  like clockwork, literally.  usually, I hate the other tourists.  they're annoying and pushy and rude.  but this day they were all standing there and staring.  marveling.  and I loved it.  it looked like art today.

so voila!

on the rocks.

don't you love how touristy that tourist man is?  the epitome.  I have to go now, ali wants to watch "better off ted".

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