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Friday, July 9, 2010

day thirty-9.

not only is this a new entry...

its a new blog!

I worked VERY hard to find a template and format that would enable me to make my pictures as big as they can be for my readers (since making them large before either cost me my protection or made the blog page look janky) and I am VERY happy with it.

I think its beautiful and more professional-looking.

next up - coming up with prices for prints and jpegs!

hopefully having the pictures this big and also being able to keep them protected from being stolen is a happy medium for everybody.

moving on!

day 39 was relatively low-key.  we had breakfast, afternoon tea (super legit) and then we went out to tig coili, yet again!

seriously, if you'd been there, you'd know its irresistible quality.

our night ended with a walk in the rain out to the taxi cue...and I got the first still light blur shot of my life.  I happen to think its tremendous.  I took a second one where only the big lights are blurred and the city is in focus, I like that one too...but this one is magical.  I'm going to print it for my wall.

galway glimmer.

miss it already.  phenomenal.