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Thursday, July 29, 2010


I was so glad for this day.

nothing can capture the splendor of michigan.  it is the most amazing place to be and I feel at peace when I'm there.  we spent the day at crystal lake.  it has to be the most beautiful lake on earth.  it seriously looks like crystal and definitely lives up to its name.  though this picture doesn't show the calm side of the lake.  it shows the adventure side.  with hundreds of boats, canoes, and windsurfers.

we stopped off at one of these beaches after our day of sun and took a million pictures.  the color and depth of this picture is phenomenal to me.  it shows what I love about michigan.  the water.  and everything that entails.  and as grammy said "I love the textures"...although, that seemed to be her ONLY comment about my pictures.  how cute.

hoist your sails.

I think nickers will like this one:)

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