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Monday, August 2, 2010


so today I was busy, I had work and then registration for dance.  so by the time I got home it was dark.  so I had to venture out.

I went downtown again to try and find something different than I had done before.  so I ended up sitting on the curb across from one of my favorite downtown spots.  the barber shop.  I never seen anyone in there.  I feel like its ghost town in there.  but the neon signs are always on and they are cool-looking.  so I sat there and waited for cars to come by.  no flash.  continuous shooting.


drive by.

it took me a while to pick which one I wanted.  I did a lot of different angles and each one turned out neat.  but I like that the andy's barber shop is somehow reflected in the street and the stripes in the lights and the blur on the edges.  its a little grimey but it turned out pretty good.

bedtime, I'm done with thinking today.

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