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Thursday, August 12, 2010


today had a WHOLE lot of inspiration!

my lovely friend alyssa let me tour her work, which was the news studio!  I was such a geek, I got pictures with lots of the anchors!   it was ridiculous and provided me with a lot of pictures.  and THEN we went to arts in the park.  although it wasn't in the park, it was at the old grace building, because of the heat.  but it was awesome and it produced the greatest picture.

those banjo guys are my favorite.  its the best float at the pfest.  and its the best instrument.  its beyond greatness.  so here you go...happiness and talent all rolled into one.

little strummer boys.

hope you like it.  p.s. that guy is wearing a wig/hat.  he's fully bald.


  1. Love the guy who looks like he has tape on the bridge of his glasses.

  2. Sad that we missed them, but glad we didn't hang around only to see the whole thing canceled.