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Thursday, August 19, 2010


I didn't even have to try today.

so easy.

we had our riverwest backpack party at imago.  went out to riverwest for the first time.  prepped the backpacks and lined 'em up and got a little hot.  then we set up for the food to be served.

then the people slowly poured in.

and the kids were everywhere.  and they are CRAZY.

they were running, four-squaring, playing with bubbles, drawing with chalk, everything under the sun.  they are the sweetest kids, too.  I received the following compliments from two different kids, "you look really pretty", "your name looks really pretty".  sweetest.

I met these two little peanuts and they straight-up wanted a photoshoot.  so, without any prompting, this little sweetheart posed for me.  feast your eyes on this beauty...

sunny side up.

summery love and bliss.  love her.  I'm officially "into" riverwest, diving right in.

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