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Friday, August 27, 2010

day eighty-eight.


I haven't been so excited to upload since scotland.  this is a whole new day.

today, I got something in the mail.  and by something I mean four new lens attachments.  macro, wide angle, telephoto, and FISHEYE.

ever since I knew fisheye existed, I wanted it.

someday I'll upgrade for an actual fisheye lens.  but wow.  so excited.

I went crazy, went downtown and just took a ton of pictures.  I walked through this shady alleyway by the sacred heart church, and I'm glad I did.  cause this is a beauty.

I love doors.  I think they're pretty.  this is one of the coolest doors ever.  and the lens just made it dandy.

sliding doors.

legit, right?  I can't wait to show you the rest, on my website, soon:)


  1. ummm....hello!

    A little behind are we?

    Just kidding... I'm just suffering form Three.6.FIVE withdrawal.