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Friday, August 13, 2010

day 74.

another typical no-thrills illinois day.

but that's ok cause I still like this pictures.

it was another scorcher and it was gross but then we had a magnificent storm!  I love storms.  the sky looks cool.  the temp goes down.  and its awesome to watch.  so I went to olive garden with some friends and when we walked out my friend spotted something in the parking lot.  you know how when there's a storm, things seem to "wash up" and you start spotting little creatures everywhere?  let's face it, they're mainly gonna be worms, but this little nugget showed up and I love this picture.  looks so cool.

all washed up.

isn't he so cute??  I love that he's on the leaf, shows how small he is!  on to the next day!


  1. Neat. Almost can't see him against the background if it weren't for the leaf

  2. dude! after that storm, i took a picture of that frog's brother! he was hanging on my front door handle. but alas...my picture was with my blackberry, so the quality is JANKY compared with yours.

  3. Those frogs pop out everywhere when it rains here - all over the road and there are so many of them you can't avoid running over them no matter how hard you try. It's so sad. I just scrunch my face up in horror and press on toward my destination.