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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

day 86.

back on track.  I'm slowly yet surely backing up my pictures and computer in general.  this puppy is filling up fast thanks to the 365.  so sometimes it takes a while cause I'm trying to make room for incoming pictures.


I was anticipating this day quite a bit.  I went house shopping.  I'm planning on moving out soon, as most of you may know, and I'm considering buying.

its scary but exciting!  afterwards I went over to al's to hang out.  before I headed over I had to take a picture of that big ol' fat moon.  not to mention the sunset!  it was like neopolitlin style.  so why not both?

back and forth.

I think its soft and pretty.  usually my colors are a little more profound, but this one is more sutle and warm.

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  1. this is one i would frame and hang up. i'm definitely a fan of the muted colors.