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Sunday, August 15, 2010

day seventy-six.

sorry that I'm super behind, I haven't had one evening to sit down and take the time to do this.


a lovely day for church.  nice out.  a very emotional and important service.

well I spent the morning with my church family and the evening with my crazy family.  we went to go hear my friend paul give his presentation of the gospel of mark...good job, buddy:)  then we decided to go eat some dinner and go to a movie.

of course we went to one world.  duh.

deeeeelicious.  and the site of the day's picture.  I like it, it captures one world and the happiness it brings to the world.

dine and dash.

note:  I did not walk out on the bill.  which I very well could've, cause we were desperately trying to make it to a movie.  which we did.  which was 'inception'.  which was BEYOND awesome!  go see it.

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