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Saturday, October 2, 2010

one twenty four.

here's the deal.  I just edited six hundred pictures.  and I've not been home any night since the day where we left off.  also, I'm moving out.  also, this takes hours.  so again, in my busy life, please be patient.  the blog entries will be posted eventually.

this is the day my friends got married.  beautiful, simple, and FUN.  two people perfectly suited.  and they were once featured in my blog - day thirty-six: july 26.

it was a great day and everything looked beautiful.  everything.  here is their first dance, oh timmy, worked so hard.

life's a dance.

the colors and the lighting was spectacular and a dream for me to photograph.  there are so many good ones but this one summed up the day and the couple.  I'll post the rest on my website soon!

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