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Friday, October 1, 2010


so today was a blissful fall day for me.  and I enjoyed it.

at one point I was doing the following three things:
1) eating a caramel apple sucker.
2) listening to christmas music.
3) riding in the car with maci.

at the same time.  I know the christmas music has nothing to do with fall and is a little premature in the minds of most, but it makes me happy.  so I don't care:)  as I was driving with maci, I stuck my camera over in her direction and snappy snap snapped.  I've done this trick before, but with a less quality camera and while the car was in park.  this time the windows were down...maci was in her element and at her peak of happiness...and this is the result...


the wind in her hair.  the pure joy on her little face.  the colors.  its all good, dude.  its allll good.