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Monday, September 27, 2010

one nineteen.

I had a lot of things to accomplish and prepare for tonight, so my photo taking time was spent in my front yard and in the house.

but I really like this.  it kinda reminds me of the book cover of "the thirteenth tale" which I really like, but I heard the actual story isn't all that great.  but I sure do love book covers.

it might look cool framed in a study or something.  its all of our baby books of photos, piled in the corner of the computer room.  looked cool all dusty so I took a picture just to see.  I ended up liking it so here you go!

back when.

I really like the details of it.  it might be kind of boring to some people but I think its visually interesting.


  1. i'm a nerd like you, so i adore this. i would love this framed. maybe even in black and white would look cool.

  2. aaaaand.... 119 is kinda my number. 'cause i was born on 1/19, see? so i feel like this one was posted especially for me. so i thank you for choosing one of my favorite subjects: BOOKS.