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Saturday, September 11, 2010

day one hundred three.

I'm hoping these absences won't continue.  my excuses are as follows:  I was desperately striving to get my website ready and to get prints ready to sell at carrousel and lulu's and the day after all that went down, I got really sick.  and I've been sick SINCE then.  all throughout the pfest.  suckity suck.  it was horrid.  I'm still not fully over it, but at least I'm upright.

anyways, quite a day.  thee day.  september 11.

here's the thing.  I didn't actually remember that.  BUT, strangely, my picture is perfect for the day.

old glory.

pretty nice, huh?


  1. I approve.

    I am still sick too :(

    But I'm going back to teaching tomorrow no matter what.

  2. Gotta say, this one made me tear up a bit. I think that means you captured the day well. Zimoley

  3. oh. i love this, kristi. amazing.