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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


on time!   look out, world!

well today I had a random assortment: a tractor, dancing, the moon...

the winner is always the winner...dancing always wins.

its pretty fabulous.  ballet is my favorite dance of all dances.  I know I teach hip hop, but ballet makes me feel beautiful and graceful and I'm good at it, dangit.

anyways, revel in the glory of this, because its my favorite part of the class...barre.  only cool ballerinas can decipher this caption...or you could google it.

releve` row.

kelly's gonna loooooove this.

I plan on updating the website soon with some scotland pictures and more!  keep visiting and keep sharing it with people - I got my first order today!


  1. I do love it! Except for those elastics not tucked in to the shoes. Tsk, tsk.

  2. i was unaware of kelly's ankle fetish.
    regardless, this is pretty amazing.

  3. Also great! You could frame this for Laurie for xmas. Zimoley