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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

day three hundred 58.

I crossed the line.

today I became the ultimate of the creeps and guess what?  I got caught.

here's the sitch:  I saw a lot of people at dq and it was drizzly and colorful over there.  so what did I do?  I parked my car across the street, moved over to the passenger side so that I could face the open driver's window and just creeped up on people with m'lens.  and they saw me.  they were laughing, I think some cell phone pics were taken.

and here's the deal...I don't care.

I am seven days away from being done and this picture kicks ass.  so I don't care.  I know how creepy I am, I've accepted it, it's part of the 365 lifestyle.  I think its pretty funny that I got caught, its about time...

late night snack.

I love this. that black space is my car. how perfectly it captures my creep factor...and frames the picture in a sa-weeeeet way.


  1. One week, yo. One week. I like this picture, btw.

  2. hahaha! but i do like this picture a lot.