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Sunday, May 1, 2011

day 335.

I love this day.

I went for a little soulful walkabout.  I needed to clear my head and appreciate time with myself, not worrying about anybody else or anything else.  it was wonderful.  I had adele on the headphones and a camera on my neck.  the weather was that pleasant crisp feeling after a rain.  it was one of the better moments I've had.

there were these water spackled leaves on the ground.  I don't know what type of plant it was but the detail on this is splendid.

right as rain.

God is good.

I can't imagine what I could accomplish with a macro lens.  holy cow.

one month from today I'll be free and uninhibited.  I won't even look at my camera that day.  don't worry, I have ideas for something to keep you entertained after the blog is over.  plus, the photography won't end, its just beginning.

reverted back to the original blog layout, full circle.


  1. I want this picture!!! It would look soooo good in my apartment here in the 'hood. =) Glad you had a nice soulful walk, too. right as rain...

  2. i love the dark blue behind the green