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Monday, May 30, 2011



so this is great.

I got to meet the sweetest little girl today.  her name is julia and she rocks.  she has an infectious toothy grin and the most awesome dance moves you've ever seen.  we took her out today to a park in springfield for a little photoshoot.

she did great...except for a small incident...but I got a great picture!

it was hard for me to pick.  there were so many great ones of her and her amazing smile.  she's quite hilarious.  but this one took my breath away, even on my small camera monitor.

take a look.

stunning.  ridiculous.  look at those eyes.  I just said her name and she locked me in.  what a joy to meet you, little julia.

one day left.

seriously freaking out.

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  1. Super Cute! love it.

    (Blogger is being stupid and not letting me post with my blogger account)