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Saturday, May 28, 2011

three hundred 62.

what a great day.

karyn and I went to the manito wine festival...and while it was still a little rainy...it was a great time.

we got to sample some great wine, eat some delicious food, and listen to some great music.  we waited for hours though because there were supposed to be hot air balloons.  took forever, and then because of the dang wind, they didn't even go up!  but its ok, I still got a sweet picture.

up up and away.

isn't it cool??  love it.

three days left.  still taking suggestions.

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  1. this is my favorite, kristi. because even when we plan to float majestically and serenely into the heavens-fulfill our purpose/destiny, some days our plans just get rained out. but that doesn't mean God can't still fill us with his power,isn't working in our lives,use us grounded for a day... ~susanna