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Saturday, January 22, 2011

two hundred 36.

games are so so fun, and they are SO good for my blog life.

they're colorful and animated and awesome.

I love our starting line-up, its so sweet!  lights out, blues brothers theme song, hyper excitement, and GO!  so much fun.  and they invite the different area grade schools to come and they get to make a tunnel for the players to run through!  the kids get SO psyched.

I must say, its kind of annoying that they are doing all this stuff AFTER I was in school.  not fair.

tunnel of love.

look how happy those kids are!!


  1. Great energy! I like that you can capture action and the moment as well as you capture stills and landscapes.

  2. ummm they totally did that tunnel when we were in school....i remember it vividly! just not every game, but there was Lincoln night, grundy night, jeffereson night, lettie night...you dont remember???