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Friday, March 11, 2011

day two hundred eighty four.

I'm so behind.

that's what late nights and time changes and hundreds of pictures will do to you.  and I'm making myself go to bed early tonight, regardless of how behind I am.

but this is too good to not post today.

we won sectionals!!  AND we beat washington!  supersectionals is tomorrow!

I'll be uploading them to my site tonight, and facebook later.  but here's a preview. 

I figured I have a lot of basketball pictures.  like a lot.  too many on the blog.  so I wanted this one to be different.  and it is.

coach brown is the man.  he rocks and he and his family are the yarchos new bffs.  when we won, his two oldest daughters went out to pose with the team and the trophy.  it reminded me SO much of me and my sister, front row, holding up our "#1" and posing with the team. 

later after the game jim mattson was interviewing coach brown and his oldest, peyton and his wife were standing there.  peyton gave her dad a big hug and looked up at him.  it was coach yarcho and littl sissy all over again...21 year deja vu.

brown eyed girl.

I don't think peyton's eyes are brown...but her last name is!


  1. These pictures are amazing! And I was sent this at the perfect time. My AP English final is to make a project on what it means to be human. Can I use some of these?

  2. It looks like a still from a movie...like from "Glory Road" or something.