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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


so I'm trying to not get burned out.  I'm creating new opportunities for pictures so that I can have diversity and not get completely bored with this challenge.

it's hard, every day I get up I don't wanna take a picture.  I don't wanna blog it.  like I've said before, its just like "what is left to take pictures of?!?!"  every single day...gets a little tedious.

but, I'm making my effort.  putting both feet forward.

this is amazing.

I love my models.  they are the best.  I wanna take more pictures of people.

lay it down.



  1. I really enjoy this one. Particularly the girl that is looking straight at the camera. It's almost as if I want to know what her particular story is.

    I don't know if that even make sense. Moral of the story... I love this picture and I hope you do take more pictures of people.

    Keep it up! I love reading your blog, BF!

  2. her particular story is that she's a crazy maniac. seriously, she's nuts and I love her. I told her to look at me and told everyone else to look away. it was all I could do to keep these girls from smiling and giggling.

    thanks, bf!